Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Our house was searched months ago and we have heard nothing since. No charges have been brought. The ICE agents still have our computers, including everything on those computers. Financial records, family photos. We would like to know if anything will happen but we also don't want to poke the bear.

The police seem to have no duty to inform us of anything. They came into our home, took our computers, and we have to live with that. I don't know how they do.

The waiting is difficult. At first, we were so certain that we would get the call at any moment, and the horror would explode. As time went on, I was happy to realize that some days, I could go for several hours without that thought hammering in my mind. Today, months later, I can have days at a stretch without dread weighing me down. Never a day without thinking about it, though.

I still cannot tell the story of the invasion without crying.

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Our Family Is His said...

Yes, it can take a very long time to go through all the evidence of a crime such as this. We know someone convicted of a similar crime and it took a long time for those poor cops to be forced to go through all the horrible images he had on his computer. Think about it, your husband chose to view the images. Law enforcement is forced to put those horrible images in their brains, with no ability to hit the delete button to get rid of them in their minds, and document every single piece of evidence on his system.

I hope you get your family photos and such soon. Those must be missed.