Thursday, February 23, 2012

perspective, please

My husband called me one day at work, furious. He had just received a bill from a department store and was horrified to see a late fee. He has probably paid a total of three in his whole life and he can remember the details of each one. He really hates late fees so he yelled at me over the phone for not paying the bill when I said I would.

I let him finish and then I said, "Hmmm... a $35 late fee vs. thousands of dollars for the lawyer's retainer?" Nothing for us to do but laugh about it. I think we both felt relief to be able to find something--anything--funny. Laughing with him again felt wonderful.

The department store waived the late fee when I asked them. So there.

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The Squishy Vegan said...

This has got to be the sickest, saddest blog I have ever come across. I am so glad you two are having such a chuckle! You are in SUCH deep denial, lady. Shame on you for keeping your children around this sorry excuse for a man. You will have to answer to them for that someday. Shame. On. You.