Monday, July 15, 2013

broadening the definition of "child rape"

A Canadian cop wants to change the way we talk about child pornography:
Cops who hunt child predators say the term "child pornography" needs to be retired and be given a more apt term, such as "child rape." 
"It's not a child lying on a beach naked, it's a child that is being actively sexually assaulted. It is the rape of a child captured on image or video. It's a crime scene," said Detective Chris Purchas, a lead investigator with the Toronto Police told a news conference in Dartmouth this week.
This is all kinds of silly. 

If we prosecuted only those people who looked at images of child rape, my husband would be home with me now. If this detective means that a photo of a naked child is the same as child rape, he doesn't understand what rape is. 

It is hard to believe someone thought he would be a good spokesman.

He is almost onto something when he says, It's a crime scene. Child pornography sometimes is a photo of a crime scene. Don't get carried away, though. Remember it is a photo of a crime scene. It is not the crime itself. And remember that not all child pornography includes images of small children and not all child pornography images are of crime scenes.

Do not cheapen the horrifying abuse endured by some of these children by equating the photo with the horrifying abuse.

Hunting "child predators" happens in a crazy world.


Unknown said...

I would have thought that a police officer would know the definition of terms like assault, rape, and crime scene. He probably got his definitions from the six o'clock news or the Nancy Grace show, where they keep their audience enthralled and emotional by spouting provocative hyperbole.

Unknown said...

I discovered your blog whilst reading a GOMI entry. I enjoy reading the fashion and lifestyle forums. I usually pay no attention to the front page entries because they're usually about blogs that I don't care for or have never heard of. But the "child porn" and "child rape" title caught my attention.
Before going on, I would like to say that I'm not a troll, I am not going to direct insults at you or your husband. But...

As I was attentively reading the entry I kept thinking to myself "Surely this is a sick joke". Curiosity got the best of me so I clicked on the link to your blog. My oh my was I surprised when I read your latest blog entry.

I understand you being a supportive wife. What I don't understand is you questioning the penal system on child pornography. Child pornography depicts children being sexually abused by adults, which IS a crime. Therefore when watching it, you are witnessing a crime.
Any reasonable person witnessing a crime would report it to the police. If you saw a person being assaulted on the streets, you would call 911. Or if you saw a person robbing someone, you would try to intervene by calling the police. Right?

The individuals watching child pornography are not only witnessing crimes but enjoying them. How awful of a person do you have to be, to enjoy seeing and hearing a child cry for help as someone is abusing them?
You are obviously seeing things through your husband's eyes. Which makes me question your sanity and intelligence. How would you feel if you were the parent of one of the abused kids? Would you think its ok that there are men and women out there enjoying your child's pain and distress? Please say no.

Because by defending and justifying your husband's actions, you aren't fighting AGAINST child pornography but FOR it. Your husband deserves the sentence he was giving.

As I read your blog entry, I lost a little more faith in humanity.

Marie said...

Alexandra, child porn does not always depict children being sexually abused by adults. The videos found on my husband's computer did not. As for whether the viewer enjoys the images, the law doesn't care whether he enjoys it or is sickened by it. The law doesn't even care if he looked at the images; it cares only if they find the images in his possession.

Defending and justifying my husband's actions? Quote me where I did that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alexandra. Any person who enjoys seeing photos of naked children or children being engaged in sexual activity, is committing a crime.

AJ said...

The thing is child pornography is not simply pictures of a kid in their bathing suit that some pervert enjoys looking at. They are actually photographs of children being raped. They are children being abused, violated and taken advantage of. Sure you want to defend your husband, however your husband was downloading, being sexually around to and wacking off images of children being abused. There is NO excuse for that.

Tristachio said...

This whole blog is defending your Husband's actions. You are trivializing the crime your husband committed and claiming he's done nothing wrong just because he HAD the photo's but didn't actually take them. It's still participating in the crime - criminals take terrible photo's of children so people like your husband can download them. He's an accomplice to a crime.

Emily said...

I would love to hear you spew your bullshit to a victim of child pornography. Look them in the eye and claim that what your husband did wasn't abusing them further. He took pleasure from the darkest and most painful moments of their lives. Your desire to whitewash what he did is pathetic. He is a criminal. In the eyes of the law and the eyes of rational people everywhere. I just pray that he really did limit himself to online images. For your children's sakes at least.

The Miss of Abyss said...

If you condone the actions of a pedophile, and your husband IS a pedophile, you are no better than the perverts who exploit children.

Jody Beth said...

I agree with the comments above. This blog is ridiculous. The judicial system may not always be right in their actions all the time, but in this case, they have my support 100%. There is absolutely NO excuse to take part in child pornography. For anyone to look at that, whether for their own amusement or for ANY reason, is just sick and wrong. If you are a mother, how could you possibly explain this to your children and not be completely ashamed of yourself?

Sweething said...

Oh my goodness. This is just so sick. Why the hell are you even putting all of this out there? I feel embarrassed for you and sickened by your husband. No one agrees with you, save yourself some more embarrassment and take this blog down for Christ's sake...

Child pornography is sick. I would not be with a person who was found to have anything like that in their possession no matter what their "excuse" was & if it was ever my husband I'd be gone so fast he would not even be able to have time to cook up some lame excuse.

Ames said...

I am extremely disgusted there are people like you and your husband in the world.

Sandy said...


I am a victim of child pornography:

When I was five years old, my uncle came to live with us. His hobby was photography. He was, in all eyes "a good man"

One evening, while mom and dad were out my uncle asked if I wanted to see his "camera stuff."

The basement had it's own outdoor entry. From that was what had been a laundry room. It's where all his "camera stuff" was. I was really surprised that the room had a bed and toys.

My uncle asked if i would like my photo taken. He had me stand and he took my photo. Then he asked if I would stand a certain way. He wanted me to stand like "betty boop." I didn't know who "betty boop" was. He showed pictures of her.

I couldn't get my legs to look like "betty boop's." My uncle told me he could help. So he came over and moved my legs. He brushed his fingers over my buttocks and crotch. He finally smiled and said I looked "perfect" and snapped lots of photos. When he was finished, he said he'd take more I felt funny when he touched me but, he was a photographer and a grownup and I loved him. I thought thats what happens when photographs are taken? My uncle said that if he could take photos of me, it would be "our super secret." Would I keep it a secret? If I did I could play with all the toys and I might be really famous!

As the photos increased, my clothing decreased. My uncle sexually abused me at every session. From the more "innocent" brief touches of my buttocks and vagina to rape. Both anally and vaginally. He always "checked me" for bleeding, rashes and other evidence that could lead to the discovery of what he was doing.

What had been fun, and a way to play with my uncle became terrifying and painful. It went from "keeping a super secret" to "I'll make sure mom and dad and your brothers are hurt. It will be all your fault" he showed me news articles of murdered men and women that he could make it happen.

No child that is photographed for child pornography is "just having their photo taken". Ever. No child that is part of pornography agrees to it happily and willingly. Ever.Behind that "happy smile" and "only naked" body is abuse, coercion, fear and shame.

I was "just photographed" for five years. My uncle moved from our basement a year after he moved in, every weekend he would "happily take" me and my youngest brothers (who were not photographed).

I told no one. Nothing was ever suspected.

When I was ten, my uncle brought in a neighbours child. He was four.

My uncle told him all about the wonderful toys about how he could become famous. The first photos were just as mine were. Than, my uncle asked my neighbours son to spread his legs out and bend over like "a football player."

I knew what was going to happen. I knew I had to stop it.

I went to my parents the next night and told them what happened to the neighbours son. At ten, my uncle wasn't so careful when he raped me. I was at the age that I could wash and dress myself. My mother took me to the bathroom and asked me to remove my underwear. I was terrified, but really, I had said nothing about my uncle taking my photos. And she wouldn't be able to see anything. Right?

I will never forget the look of horror on my mothers face.

Mom called dad. Dad threw up. I told them, begged them not to say anything. That he would kill them. I didn't want them to die.

The police were called. My uncle was arrested. Including me six other children were "just photographed."

I am 23. My vaginal walls are permanently scarred. My rectum is permanently scarred. I fear any intimate contact with men. I am in therapy.

Your husband is not just "looking at photos" and you are not defending just photos. You and your husband are condoning abuse, fear and yes rape. When he was looking, he was looking at the destruction of a child. And you are defending that.

CJ said...

I am so, so sorry for what happened to you. No child should ensure that. I hope your story speaks out above the ridiculousness found on this blog. And I hope you heal and move on to find happiness and security.

drewandsarah said...

This blog is the most vile and disgusting thing I have ever encountered. I am sure your world was shattered when you found out your husband was doing this, so maybe this is some form of psychosis due to your inability to deal properly. Or maybe you had some idea of what was going on but chose denial, so writing a public blog defending a pedophile isn't that strange

Either way this is seriously the most fucked up thing I have ever read. In this situation, the law is doing the EXACT right thing.

I seriously hope your kids come out of this ok. I feel sad for them.

Elizabeth said...

This entire post is disgusting. They fact that you are defending those who view child pornography is terrifying to say the least...

Mom2-4 said...

How do you lay in bed next to a man that would be aroused by a minor, or child naked or worse, being involved in a sexual act. You disgust me perhaps more than your husband does. I will read further, not sure whether or not you have children but if you do, imagine a man being aroused by your child's naked body, or perhaps your husband getting pleasure from giving your child a bath. What is wrong with you?

Mom2-4 said...

I am so sorry. Thank you for sharing your story. THIS is courage. You will help many children by telling your story. You will help moms like me to be more vigilant. I hope you find healing and peace very soon.

Unknown said...

You don't understand questioning the penal system on child pornography? Many judges not only question the system, they have stated that the sentences are Draconian, overdone, and ineffective. The author of this blog is not defending abuse of children. Nor am I. However, to say that someone who looks at a picture is committing abuse is illogical and ridiculous. Does that mean that if I watch a robbery, also a crime, on some TV show that I am guilty of committing it? Hardly!

I do notice how similar yours and the following comments are, leading me to believe you are all part of the same group.

Unknown said...

AJ, Child pornography covers a whole spectrum. It is NOT always photographs of children being raped. If you read the news you would know that teenagers who take pictures of themselves having consensual sex and then post it, are guilty of a child porn crime. A man can have consensual sex with a 17 year old in many states but if he photographs it he has committed a crime. And you have no way of knowing if anyone viewing the photos became sexually aroused (I assume that's what you meant to say) or if the viewer "whacked off" as you so delicately stated it.

Unknown said...

Miss, please look up the definition of pedophile. Perhaps you should use words you know the meaning of.

Unknown said...

Actually you are completely mistaken, Sweething. Many people agree with this blogger, including me.

Unknown said...


This story tugged at my heart, but you wouldn't know what that feels like as your heart is filled with immature arrogance. Seriously.

You have no case. You make no valid point. What your husband did is wrong, no matter how you slice your cookie cutter wanna be situation. You are wrong. You are wrong, wrong, wrong. And thank God they have your husband in jail because sooner or later he is going to be over looking at the "porn" and on to re-creating it. I know when people see things in porn that turns them on, they want to try it themselves. 'That new move that they did, lets try it tonight.'

This is preventing your sick husband from moving forward with ANYTHING related to young children.

wickster44 said...

Telling, that you had to come to your own defense rather than "many" people who agree with you. I wish your offline family and friends would gently shake you to your senses. You need some help. And I don't mean that in a snarky, bad way. Your posts defend him, and my guess is that you are looking for a community to say this is OK. It is not.

Emma @ Bake Sew Grow said...

The meaning of paedophile is "someone who is sexually interested in children" (Source: It is you that needs to learn the meaning of words. Your husband IS a pedophile. It seems like you are in a massive amount of denial, what your husband did is so terrible. I hope and pray that you get the help you so clearly need, and moreso, I hope that no harm has ever/does ever come to your children.

I really don't know how you can justify writing posts like this, they make me sick to my stomach. When I first learnt about your blog, I thought it was a sick joke. Maybe your husband has never physically abused a child, but by looking at photographs of child pornography, he is contributing to the abuse. Have you never heard of supply and demand? Also, I agree with what another commenter has said about eventually your husband will/would have wanted to try out the things he enjoyed looking at so much. Would you have stood by him, and justified it then? What do your family think about what your husband has done?

Please, please get some help.

BFL said...

Every time those pictures are ogled over, the child is revictimized.

If you were raped and the rapist took video or photos and distributed them online, would you not feel humiliated just knowing those videos and photos were out there? I would.

I was molested as a child. A much-older boy befriended me, and then he stuck his fingers inside me and forced me to perform oral sex. The memories of that experience trickle like ice down my spine, and I struggle to fight my way back to the sunlight. He never took pictures of me. What he did to me is locked in my mind and in his. My humiliation and victimization is not being gloated over, men are not touching themselves to my innocent, childish body, and what was done to me is officially in the past. Over. Done with.

Children who are victims of child porn can't say the same. Those pictures are out there, constantly being looked over, constantly being "used," and their wounds are constantly reopened.

So yes, imo, these predators and future predators who look at pictures of children being abused should most certainly be charged to the fullest possible extent.

sd said...
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sd said...
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sd said...

I don't meant to sound disrespectful, but you either made a very compelling story, are telling the truth,'re just a troll...

If this story is true I would like to say I am sorry for what you have had to go through and I will never be able to empathize with you because I was never in that situation. I would however like to add that your physical injuries as well as your psychological injuries contribute to your irrational choice of words
"Your husband is not just "looking at photos" and you are not defending just photos. You and your husband are condoning abuse, fear and yes rape"

How does one "condone abuse, fear, and yes rape" by "looking at photos"? If you don't mind explaining. The reason I ask you to explain is because if looking equates to condoning all the things you mentioned then what are millions of people doing around the world when they look at child porn?

When I say millions I don't mean your average joe I also mean your friendly neighborhood policeman. I am sure they are condoning abuse, fear, and rape by looking at child porn, but wait...that is their job right?, but the very words they chose to use "viewing the images re-victimizes the child over and over again" comes to thought...and here we are...yet again..where a sad story is used to compel people to believe in something that is scientifically impossible.

By your standards looking at anything objectionable equates to condoning the harm in that picture or video right?

sd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashly said...

Your argument holds no water and I think you know that. The issue is not looking at the image, it is the act of obtaining and collecting images of violence and abuse of children for personal pleasure or even for the sake of morbid curiosity. The reason why it is illegal to traffic child pornography or images of abuse is because it creates a market for the subject. The act of seeking out to possess or view the images of this nature is a crime because it perpetuates the abuse and market for the images. I don't know how many times that needs to be said because it hasn't been enough. By actively seeking the images, the viewer plays a role in the crime. Period. You can argue against this and twist logic however you see fit, and that is your right. However, it is not your right to collect, view or distribute images of violence and sexual abuse towards children. Actively searching and wishing to view depictions of children being abused is a crime and condones the victimization of children by continuing to create a market for the abuse. Average Joe does not actively look for images of children being abused or posed provocatively. To argue that there are millions of "Average Joes" engaging in this behavior speaks volumes about yourself and the company you keep.

BFL said...

You are a sick, sad person for calling me "Ms. Molested." I am far more than that. I am not a victim.

Then again, you use "retarded" as an insult, which really tells me all I need to know about you. Pathetic.

AJ said...

Police officers don't watch child porn or look at images to get their jollies off like this woman's husband. How does it know to feel your husband is attracted to children?

sd said...

"I am far more than that. I am not a victim."

I am laughing so hard right now at how stupid you sound. You wrote an entire sob story of an older guy fingering you and how you "struggle to fight my way back to the sunlight", "My humiliation and victimization....". Was your head in your vagina when you wrote "I am not a victim" after clearly stating that you were a victim?

sd said...

Your argument holds no water and I think you know that, perhaps because you live under a rock and feed off other's opinions.

There is not market for any of these pictures as you so confidently put. There is no supply and demand as you might have heard from many uneducated folks out there. There is rarely any money involved in the existing images of child pornography.

Yes Ashly by actively seeking the images that were taken 10 years ago the viewer 10 years later plays a role in the so right you are...why didn't anyone think of that earlier? Probably because as you so put it "holds no water"

With respect to the victims of their crimes, there is no law on Earth that will stop a determined person from downloading/viewing images of child pornography. The fact of the matter is child pornography is digital media and if you knew anything about digital media it is that it can be copied, distributed, and manipulated. It has been 20 years since child pornography has been investigated around the globe. During its early stages child pornography had to be bought and traded in person until the World Wide Web came along people began scanning pictures from old magazines and sharing them on Bulletin Boards (BBS) over the Internet. Eventually these images and videos had no monetary value attached to them and currently float around the Internet free for the taking. Even if Joe, Mike, or Bob get arrested. The same images or videos they were caught with will exist forever in the dark corners of Internet.

You should have done some research before coming to debate because I clearly know more than your puny incompetent mind can hold. Continue to argue the "market theory" if it makes you feel happy. You know nothing of what lies beneath the surface of society. You live in a bubble free from the outside turmoils and violence, but once you hear of a subject such as "child pornography" your initial reaction is to side with the "bandwagon" because if anyone sees or hears you advocating that the laws pertaining to child porn are unjust you will be shunned. I already see proof of this in this posting by the blogger. The problem of possessing child pornography pervades all elements of society. People will go to jail regardless and yet the amount of child pornography will remain abundant. Why do you think Google News updates every few hours of someone getting arrested for child pornography?

Open up a newspaper or watch the news alright honey boo boo?

there are plenty more where those came from...)

and Ashly here is something for you to read..well to open up your mind...

Fucking idiots your ignorance makes me sick.

Wanderlust said...

This message is for the commenter S, above.

First off, I want to say how sorry I am that you experienced something so horrific, and at the hands of someone who should have been your protector. I wish (and I'm sure 99.9% of those who read your comment likewise wish) that we could reach back through time and somehow intervene and prevent what happened to you.

I want to thank you, too, for sharing your story. That takes a lot of courage. I think your story is an important one and has the potential to help others. If you are interested in sharing your story with a broader audience, in a safe, supporting and anonymous way, please contact me via the email link on my blog. If that is not something that interests you, no need to respond at all.

I also want to suggest (gently) that you refrain from visiting this blog in the future. I don't think there are any minds here that are open to changing. There is a dense and qualmy energy that accompanies sexual violence (and those who qualify such violence). I think the most healing path is to surround yourself with love, light and support. I completely understand the urge to comment on the content here. I fell into that vortex once before myself.

Whatever you do, I wish you peace and healing, and I salute your courage. xo

Anonymous said...

sd, I see where you are coming from, but it was very unwise to be inciting a cyber-riot on this blog. There is something terribly wrong in this country, not just with the laws, but with the people as well.

Marie, I cannot comprehend how you are able to manage all this negative energy from all these people. I guess that is what makes you a strong person. I'm not really a believer in God or any supernatural being which controls our existence, but if there were one I think he/she made you who you are to stand by your husband in his time of troubles. Out of the millions of women that would have left their husbands after their affiliation with child pornography you chose to stay and that says something about your character. You are a one of a kind person and I just wish that before this generation of people pass on that there are more people with as much character as you.

I cannot comment here anymore. I feel like a part of me dies every time I read the hate from other people. I just hope everyone can be at peace and see the world through their own eyes and not some politician's eyes.

I bid thee all farewell...

LizaMoore said...

When pictures of me being forced to pose and have sex with my stepfather surface, it causes panic, shame, embarrassment, and anger. These are all real feelings. It's not something you just get over. I could sign the form so that I'm not notified but the not knowing is much worse for me.

sd - If I can find a place to report your website - I'm going to do it. The fact that you think it's okay to call someone Ms Molested makes me think you have something to hide.

sd said...

Whatever troll your life your loss....

Anonymous said...

Your whole argument is that child molestation/exploitation/rape etc. is wrong, but looking at pictures of it should NOT be a crime, right?

So if we made it legal to download, view, possess, distribute these pictures, don't you think it would be like we were condoning child molestation/exploitation/rape etc? Wouldn't legalizing what your husband did be like society saying it's perfectly okay to view children as sex objects?

And aren't you also condoning your husband's behavior? This whole blog is about you saying it's okay that he is sexually aroused by children as long as he doesn't act on those feelings, right? And so if we tell people it's okay to view children as sex objects, don't you think that will only encourage them to eventually act on those feelings??

Even if the only thing he ever did was wank off to an otherwise innocent picture of a 4 year old - shudder- that's just DISGUSTING and NOT OKAY. Only a sick person would do that. You have to understand that, right?

I'm sure you know that the police don't throw people in jail for 4 years for having a few innocent pictures of children on their computer. And I'm sure you realize that a non-pedophile does not EVER feel compelled to collect pictures of children who he is not related to or visit child porn sites.

But by all means, stand by your man. Stand by that man who every time you made love probably had to pretend you were a boy scout. Stand by the man whose uncontrollable sexual desires put his entire family in jeopardy.

I think you're caught up in the drama of being persecuted and judged by the legal system and people like me, but deep down inside, doesn't a part of you hate your husband for how he has turned your life upside down? I hope someday you learn to direct your anger at your husband, because he caused all of this mess that is now your life.

lauraroses said...

It seems pretty simple-people make money exploiting children so that people can view the pictures--people who view the pictures (seek out as opposed to accidentally stumble upon) create a market...if someone fantasizes and the fantasy doesn't escalate to real life acts (including viewing pictures of real children) then no market is created and there are no victims. Your husband seems to have done more than just stumble across some naked photos of kids. He's part of the market being pandered too and therefore part of a cycle of crime.

Unknown said...

Your theory is simple, but erroneous. When the pictures are easily found circulating the Internet and they are free how are people making money from them? It is well known that many of the pictures are a decade or more old, how does someone looking at them now create a market or become part of a cycle of crime???

Unknown said...

Hmm, I've been online for over a decade and looked at all sorts of porn, yet I have never stumbled across anything like what the blog author's husband is in jail for. That's because you have to seek it out because it is illegal. It is not just going to pop up on a legal adult site or elsewhere and you know it. No one accidentally gets this stuff. And why are you debating the market aspect? Do you not care that people are getting off on someone else's pain and misery? And that we are talking about minors here? Anyone who defends this is the slightest is a total scumbag. And sd I don't even want to hear your rebuttal. I am sure you'd be in prison too if someone turned your computer in- despite your clever tech tips at hiding evidence. Ugh, you guys are disgusting.

Danielle said...

If you are resigned to your opinions, at least realize that so are those who are against you. This isn't an argument that's going to have a winner. Child abuse is going to continue whether you bitch each other out on the internet or not. EVERYONE needs to realize that. Even by commenting against child pornography, you're still just blowing up the site and giving it more attention. No one's going to change their morals because of an internet comment, you HAVE to realize this. Saying this, I realize the futility of my own message, but I feel an obligation to continue out of extreme concern for the spiritual welfare of those advocating child molestation.

So what evil parasite inside of you, specifically SD, finds so much joy in berating and mocking victims of abuse, trying to make them feel stupid, when you should know they've already had more than enough pain for ten lifetimes? If you are so confident in your argument, let it go. If you want to be a child rape and pornography advocate it's your choice, but it doesn't make sense to deliberately try to hurt people just because their stories of abuse discount the points you're trying to make. I just don't get it. You don't actually want to be listened to, you just want to upset people (but you'll call others "troll"?). I can't imagine how much self-hatred you have to have to gain pleasure from that, but I will keep you in my prayers and hope that some miracle intervenes in your currently miserable life.

Marie said...

Advocating child molestation? Advocating child rape and pornography? Who is doing that, Danielle? Link to and quote the passages where you think that is happening. Don't come here and sling crazy accusations without backing them up.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is not really proper to send anonymous letters. Given the contents of this letter, everyone will understand my wish for anonymity. Nevertheless, I hope that you will read this letter completely and think about it.

In recent months, I have followed closely the debate on the topic of filtering of child pornography in Germany. There have been various suggestions about how the Internet should be censored and filtered - not only by the Federal Government (Mrs. von der Leyen and Mr. Schaeuble) but also by federal countries (such as in Lower Saxony from Mr Sch√ľnemann).

Discussions on this topic have lasted for months and have triggered a strong polemic which is also reflected in various forums. For the first time ever, I will present the "flip side" of the issue and give you an insight from the other side. I will describe controversial and possibly - from today's perspective - immoral things and technologies.

The government finds these photos and videos via SPYING. The government is using CP as a front to spy on the American people. Looking at a crime scene is not committing the crime itself it is nothing more than a crime scene photo period whether you agree or not.

Humphrey Omega said...

Wow some of arguments here are very disturbing.
I won't say that possession of illegal pornography should be legal, but I will argue a lot of comments parts that makes no sense whatsoever.

First of all, the idea that it "revictimizes" is completely absurd. There is no evidence that a child miles away is hurt in the same way as if it was restarting the abuse. Voodoo science is completely a myth. It's true that a victim knowing a person possessing such thing will or might feel abused and scared, but that mindset could be no different if someone merely remind them of what happened with lawful (if any) speech, and not only that but it's not evident to suggest that such experience is the same thing. It could be further harming the person, but it's not recreating the source.
And what if the person for example died naturally?

Second, the idea that it "engages" into people making more sounds absurd too because for someone to be guilty of a crime of another person's conduct, there might have to be specific steps for that to happen. If for example, a person just so-happen to find an illegal picture lying around on the street and decided to keep it, does that really connect the person to an actual future crime committed by someone else automatically?

Again, I am not saying possession of illegal pictures to be legal, but I am trying to say that someone who merely looks and/or possesses illegal pictures shouldn't be compared to someone who raped a young person, and as a person against ruining people's lives, I am against the idea that it should be comparable.
Even many laws treat it lower than the act of making the illegal content.