Tuesday, June 12, 2012

police officer fired for brutality is reinstated

A year ago, Omaha police beat a man in a hospital parking lot and the beating was recorded by security camera. The public was scandalized by the actions of the police and two of the officers were fired, as they should have been. Go to the link and see if you agree.

Last Friday, we learned that one of those two officers got her job back.

Former Police Chief Alex Hayes elected to fire Dolinsky and Officer Aaron Pennington for their roles in the videotaped scuffle. 
The police union contract, however, allows officers to appeal disciplinary actions publicly to the city's Personnel Board or, as Dolinsky did and Pennington will do, privately before an independent arbitrator. The arbitrator's decision cannot be appealed. 
Three days of private hearings were held at City Hall late last month. Documents or rulings related to arbitration proceedings are not released publicly. 
Dolinsky will be disciplined in an unspecified manner and will receive additional training, as part of a reinstatement agreement between the city and police union. In two years, Dolinsky can ask to have any record of her discipline removed from her personnel file.
Again, watch the video and see if you can agree. 

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Dani said...

Why do you comment so often on police brutality? You're family was not brutalized by police! You claim they "almost" shot your dog.Did they discharge their weapons? NO they pointed their weapons at the dog because that is what they are trained to do!. You were duly and lawfully served a search warrant.The fact that they did not serve the warrant at a time when your children were not home does not make it brutal.