Wednesday, May 2, 2012

shooting dogs...but why?

When the ICE agents burst into my home, the first one through the door aimed his gun at our dog. I threw myself at the dog, shouting not to shoot her. I did not think he was only bluffing because I had read about cops shooting dogs during a search. If I had read this article, though, perhaps I wouldn't have thrown myself between the gun and the dog.

When my daughter came downstairs, I asked the agents if she could please put the dog outside. If I had it to over again, I would not do that because it put her in more danger. Too many people shot, too many dogs shot, too many trigger-happy cops.

Radley Balko has again pulled together information demonstrating that law enforcement is out of control in this country. The first concern of law enforcement officers is their own safety. They carry guns, they wear Kevlar, and they think they are the ones in danger.

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bananarama said...

How on earth can this be the thing you think is important?!