Tuesday, May 8, 2012

good people

On the list of my current fears, good people come right after the legal system. I fear the legal system for reasons you probably understand but why would I fear good people? They mean well but oh, those good intentions!

Will parents of my children's friends try to "fill in" for my husband and me because--obviously--our home life must be terribly messed up? Will they try to "guide" them to the right conclusions about our situation? I object to that because our children already have two (im)perfectly good parents; they do not need better parents. My husband is a good father and he worries about the problems he has caused for our children. He might be a bit shaky at times because of the questions about his own future but he knows that a parent's responsibility is to protect his children and I encourage him in that.

Last summer, my daughter asked to see a therapist. My husband and I took her to her first appointment and the therapist seemed genuinely shocked to see my husband with me. She could barely look him in the eye and asked to speak to me alone before she talked to our daughter.

When school began, I explained to the school counselor why we don't have internet in our home and asked if she would run interference for our daughter with teachers who thought she might be pulling their leg about the lack of internet access. Later, when my husband and I were at the school, I introduced both of us to the counselor. Again, she seemed flustered to meet my husband.

These are counselors, people supposedly trained to deal with troubled souls, and these two women were trying to avoid my troubled husband.

The urge to watch nasty porn isn't catching.

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