Monday, March 5, 2012

how people respond (anonymously) to my story

After reading this, I posted a comment about how I am also not divorcing my husband and got three interesting responses. The first: 
If there wasn’t a demand for such pictures, in my opinion there wouldn’t be so many taken in the first place.
Do you think there is a demand for photos of flowers and sunsets? Dogs and cats? Cars? And is there a clamoring for us to post our photos on Shutterfly and Flickr? I do not think there needs to be a demand for someone to post their favorites where others can see them. Is there a demand to see what's under the exhibitionist's raincoat? And yet he shows us. 

The second:
What really pisses ME off is that not only are there people that abuse kids to get pics/video, but that there are sickos that get off on that.
I will agree that getting off on that is a sickness, though I do not believe it should be a crime. Is a prurient interest in murder scenes as bad as committing the murder? Do you know what the nice man next door fantasizes about? If he fantasizes about sex and children without looking at the images, he is not a criminal. As soon as he looks at images, he becomes a criminal. Is there a difference?

The third responder says she would divorce her husband immediately if she learned that he was into child porn. I'll save my response to that for another post.

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bananarama said...

Of course there's a difference! In one instance, he's viewing pictures of victimized children -- in the other he's not! Come on, please, you can't POSSIBLY be this much in denial.