Sunday, March 25, 2012

trustworthy? No.

Do you know that after law enforcement serves a search warrant, they aren't required to let you know whether they are going to press charges or not? We have been waiting for months and months, at first assuming that they would bring charges, and now wondering if they simply didn't find what they were looking for. It has been over nine months and we've heard nothing.

Our attorney tells us that there is no statute of limitations for this crime, so the prosecution could bring charges at any time...forever. They can simply hold our computers forever, with no need to tell us anything. So, they have our financial records, our family photos, and anything else we stored on computer. I have no confidence that they will keep track of our computers or our files; I have no confidence that they will treat the information found on the computers in a secure manner.

But it's law enforcement! They have rules to follow! I should trust them to treat our digital belongings with every care!

Remember this: The one thing I know for sure about these ICE agents is that they invaded my home with drawn guns. Everything else is just guessing.

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