Thursday, March 1, 2012

death toll of the war on drugs

The War on Drugs is a warning for everyone who thinks that a war on porn is a good idea.
"Increasingly, people are dying because of the tactics of the drug war. Military operations are being conducted on our soil, and collateral damage is inevitable.

"When drug task forces dressed in black batter in doors without knocking or announcing themselves, the danger to citizens and police alike is enormous. Sometimes the greatest danger is to (or from) the innocent citizen that understandably believes that they are experiencing a home invasion, and rushes to defend their family and property."
A dozen cops with guns drawn rushing into a home is bound to lead to misunderstandings, panic, and judgment errors. The police create the chaos and in many--I'd bet most--instances, they have no reason to prepare for violence. The majority of men arrested for possession of child porn have no history with law enforcement other than traffic tickets. Why do police fear violence with people like that?

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