Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Reason #326 why prison should be last resort

Aramark serves food from the garbage to Michigan prison inmates.
Despite threats to terminate its contract, Gov. Rick Snyder (R) won’t let go of the company, which claims it will save taxpayers $12-16 million.
Saving $12-16 million? Imagine how much we could save if we closed prisons, instead.

My husband, who is not in Michigan, tells me of meat served long past its expiration date at the prison where he is assigned.

Prisons are a punishment because inmates are separated from their friends and family. That is the punishment. Piling poor treatment--extreme cold, extreme heat, spoiled food, sleep deprivation--on top of that is egregious.

We have a moral imperative to consider--and thoughtfully reject--a long list of alternatives before we put someone in prison.


Margaret Moon said...

"Being imprisoned IS the punishment, not an opportunity to punish more."

Anonymous said...

"If we closed prisons"

And what would you have society do with Murderers,drug dealers,robbers and ohh sexual predators like your husband? No prison,No punishment?

I like the fact that prison is hard and the food sucks and those who have committed crimes (especially sex crimes) are miserable while serving their time. Your husband is and always will be a SEX OFFENDER get used to it. He did this and he caused all the grief your family goes through now but in many posts on this blog you seem to blame everyone BUT him.

"he was only looking at pictures"

For all I know he was looking at pictures of ME! yes I am a victim of child pornography and quite possibly I am one of your husband's victims, I have sympathy for your children. I have none for your husband who victimizes children and I find it very hard to have any for you because you are nothing but an enabler for your husband's behavior and his chief excuse maker.

Marie said...


I probably should have said "if we closed some prisons." I agree with you that some people do need to be put behind bars so I do not advocate closing all prisons. If alternative sentences could be used that would not increase danger to public safety, we could close some prisons.

Here are a couple of articles about successful efforts to do just that:
Why Texas is closing prisons in favour of rehab
States Save Millions by Reducing Inmate Population and Closing Prisons