Monday, January 12, 2015

"$60 meth bust led to shooting of officer"

This is what happens when law enforcement uses unnecessary force: Police making a meth bust shot an undercover cop. The injured cop was shot several times and is still in critical care.

Meth is a dangerous drug, I hear, but I would hazard a guess that no one needs to be shot several times because of $60 worth of meth.
“We’re getting some push back because (the investigation) was for $60 of meth,” said Albuquerque police officer Tanner Tixier, a spokesman. “But that’s how these investigations work. You start with $20, $40, $60 buys. You can’t just go out and buy five pounds of meth.”
Sure, I suppose that could make sense if you ignore the fact that making those $20, $40, $60 buys--and the buys for tens of thousands of dollars--hasn't stopped the availability of meth.

If a large bust manages to slow down the meth trade in a city, the price for meth rises, making it more profitable to produce.

Is that the goal?

People get hurt and killed in the midst of chaos. When it isn't cops shooting cops, it is cops shooting innocent peoplecops shooting dogs or cops burning toddlers.

Is that the goal?

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