Saturday, March 1, 2014

you thought the registry was just for sex offenders?

The sex offender registry includes more than sex offenders. A Pennsylvania woman is surprised to find that she is required to register.
Four years ago, [she] was convicted of interference with custody of children. That crime falls under the newest version of Megan's Law, and [she] must register as a real sex offender.
The news site offers what little comfort it can.
Although [she] feels singled out, there are hundreds in our area who never committed a sex crime yet they, too, are now registered as sex offenders.
Ah, well then. Hundreds of others on the registry even though they didn't commit sex offenses.

Once there is a registry, legislators will be unable to resist enlarging its scope. Legislators make laws and it is much easier to pass a law that no one dares to argue against.

Abolish the registry.


Anon q said...

This is an older scholarly/empirical study. Some of the information is dated, the rest of the information is either still being felt or is outright prophetic. It's hands down one of the best studies I have read on the subject. I feel it is on topic, and if the moderator decides it is not I will expect it to be removed.

Revisiting Megan's Law and Sex Offender Registration: Prevention or Problem

LizaMoore said...

This is such BS.

The registry is only providing a false sense of security. Your kids are more at risk from family members and close friends than they are from the person down the street on the list.

I honestly think the registry is putting more kids at risk.

Bevin Armstrong said...

I've thought for years that the SO registry was bullshit.
Just started reading your blog yesterday Ms Marie, it's very interesting. I agree with a lot of what you post IRT police overreach & abuse. I'm reading the entries in order, & I truly hope you & your family are doing well. Thanks for having the courage to speak out. Look forward to reading the rest of your blog. Have a nice evening. :)