Saturday, March 1, 2014

you thought the registry was just for sex offenders?

The sex offender registry includes more than sex offenders. A Pennsylvania woman is surprised to find that she is required to register.
Four years ago, [she] was convicted of interference with custody of children. That crime falls under the newest version of Megan's Law, and [she] must register as a real sex offender.
The news site offers what little comfort it can.
Although [she] feels singled out, there are hundreds in our area who never committed a sex crime yet they, too, are now registered as sex offenders.
Ah, well then. Hundreds of others on the registry even though they didn't commit sex offenses.

Once there is a registry, legislators will be unable to resist enlarging its scope. Legislators make laws and it is much easier to pass a law that no one dares to argue against.

Abolish the registry.


Anon q said...

This is an older scholarly/empirical study. Some of the information is dated, the rest of the information is either still being felt or is outright prophetic. It's hands down one of the best studies I have read on the subject. I feel it is on topic, and if the moderator decides it is not I will expect it to be removed.

Revisiting Megan's Law and Sex Offender Registration: Prevention or Problem

LizaMoore said...

This is such BS.

The registry is only providing a false sense of security. Your kids are more at risk from family members and close friends than they are from the person down the street on the list.

I honestly think the registry is putting more kids at risk.