Saturday, February 9, 2013

accused and exonerated; a false accusation

Brian Banks was a promising football player dreaming of the NFL when he was accused of kidnapping and rape. He wasn't guilty but was pressured into pleading no contest. He was accused at 16 and incarcerated at 18. Listen to him tell his story to Dick Gordon at The Story (American Public Media).

Justice plays no role in his story. It is too easy to convict an innocent person.

More of his story here and here.


Anonymous said...

Your husband pleaded guilty - and admits to having downloaded child pornography.

An innocent person convicted of a crime he didn't commit is a travesty -- but your hubby is guilty as sin

Marie said...

Yes, my husband is guilty. Instead of going to trial, he plead guilty to avoid embarrassing his children and he is serving four years in federal prison. The world already works the way you want it to, I think.