Friday, April 27, 2012

Our attorney tells me that the prosecutor is a "good guy" just doing his job prosecuting the crimes the feds are told to focus on. I like our attorney so I really want to believe him about this...but it is difficult for me to reconcile what I know of the prosecutor with the attorney's opinion of him.

What do I know? I know only one thing for certain about the prosecutor: He thought it was just fine to send a dozen armed men to invade my home at a time when they knew the children would be home.

Law enforcement wanted the family home when the search warrant was executed or they could have easily done it at a different time. Think about that. They wanted the children there when they came into the home with their weapons drawn, when they aimed a gun at the family dog. They wanted the children to know that their father was in trouble and they chose to do it at a time when the kids would spend all day at school wondering whether their dad would be arrested.

How can a person who approves of that plan be a good guy?

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Sharon Bailgoat said...

They don't have time to plan the raids around your schedule. You're missing the point. External locus of control. Google it. That's a safer time for officers because perps are likely home and asleep or unprepared. If you don't want your home to be raided while your children are home, divorce the sex offender.