Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The first question our attorney asked my husband, "Are you thinking of suicide?" made me sure we chose well. The answer was "yes" as it is for too many men in his position. Try to put yourself in his position: Think of your absolute most private sexual fantasy and imagine it published in the newspaper. Perhaps your fantasy doesn't involve illegal images but are you willing to have even that made the subject of public attention? My husband faces much, much worse. I understand why suicide seems like a solution. If death comes before charges are brought, the family is spared the public humiliation. Of course, it leaves the family with something much worse but it is hard for people like my husband to to see that when all they can feel is overwhelming guilt and shame.

So far, my husband is still with us. Most of the time now, I think he is glad of that. I am glad all of the time.

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