Saturday, February 25, 2012

fragile hope

Lately, I have decided to assume that ICE will not bring charges against my husband. It has been nine months and we have heard nothing. I cannot think of a reason that they would need nine months to sort through the computers and hard drives they took from us. Maybe they found nothing. I imagine them watching their monitors, waiting for his IP to appear. It won't.

Do I have any solid reason for my "decision"? Nope. It feels good, though, to think that nothing will happen.

I told my husband that optimism feels good. He said he doesn't want to feel optimism because if it comes crashing down around us, the disappointment will be even more painful. It doesn't matter if we are optimistic or pessimistic. If charges are brought against him, it won't matter how we were feeling the day before. It will be devastating.

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