Monday, September 9, 2013

sex offender assaulted

Twin Falls ID, two men beat up a 69-year-old sex offender last week because of his conviction five years ago. 
Twin Falls Police Officer Samir Smriko wrote in a police report that officers were called to a Twin Falls motel last week to investigate a battery. They found [a] 69-year-old [man], who had a two-inch gash on his forehead and other injuries. 
According to the report, [the victim] said two men came to his door and began beating him because of a past child sex abuse case. 
You know what I find interesting? The likelihood of the those two men assaulting someone else is much, much higher than the likelihood of the sex offender committing another sex offense. The recidivism rate for assault is around 65%; for sex offense, around 5%.

Which of the three men was on a registry? The one least likely to be a danger.

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