Saturday, September 14, 2013

secure delete

When some Handbasket visitors noticed that sd, a commenter, has a blog explaining how to overwrite data on a hard drive so that the data cannot be recovered, they thought they understood something about sd.

Lori Dixon said: am sure you'd be in prison too if someone turned your computer in- despite your clever tech tips at hiding evidence. 
LizaMoore also thinks he has nefarious intentions:
sd - If I can find a place to report your website - I'm going to do it.
With the tiniest bit of imagination, I'm sure Lori and Liza could think of legitimate uses of secure deletion software. 

Leaving your computer home while you are on vacation? Might want to erase any documents you emailed yourself from the office so you could work on them over the weekend. If your computer is stolen, you don't want to expose your employer to any risk.

Selling your computer or giving it away? You definitely want to make sure that the new owner won't discover your social security, bank account, or credit card numbers left on the hard drive.

You let your visiting 15-year-old nephew use your WiFi to read his emails and he opens attached pictures of his very naked 15-year-old girlfriend? This is on your IP address. If I were you, I would make sure the images were deleted. Securely. All it would take is for a Geek Squad guy to notice it and turn you in. 

Still unconvinced? You are still sure that none of that applies to you and that anyone interested in secure deletion software must be up to no good?

What does that say about your friends--or you?--who have Apple computers? 

Apple hard drives come with Secure Erase, a utility that does exactly what sd teaches PC users to do.


LizaMoore said...

There's probably thousands of legitimate reasons to delete your computer's history.

sd is commenting about it on a blog written by a woman whose husband is in prison for child porn on his computer. If you can't see why that is troubling then there really is no help for you.

Marie, I feel sorry for you. Your husband has completely screwed up your life by what he did. I pray that you'll be able to have a normal life but I doubt you will because his actions. Instead of blaming him, you are blaming the world including the victims of child porn.

Marie said...

Sure, Liza, I see the connection you see. That's why I included the example with the nephew. This is an emotional subject for you, I know but you don't know sd's story and neither do I. There is nothing wrong with sd's blog; it offers good advice, whatever your reason for needing it. You dislike what he has said in his comments here and that makes you want to shut him up in an area where he isn't talking about CP. Where's the reasoning in that?

Show me where I blame the victims of child porn for my husband's situation, Liza.

sd said...
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