Monday, April 16, 2012

what to do with the children?

Nebraska is trying to restructure their system for handling foster children. They tried privatization but that didn't work. So, they look for solutions...they look everywhere except right under their noses.

Instead of working so hard to handle the over abundance of foster children, they could cut the numbers by...ready?...taking fewer parents away from the families. When parents go to prison, the kids are left behind and often end up in foster care. Huge numbers of drug convictions lead directly to an overload of the foster care system. 

Many children are in awful situations and foster care can be an improvement for them but when the system is overloaded, these kids suffer from the resulting neglect.

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Sharon Bailgoat said...

Want to know another way to keep families in tact? Get a pen. Step one for parents. Don't break the law. Don't murder or rob or pleasure yourself to photos of children being raped and abused. Step two. There is no step two. That was it.