Thursday, September 17, 2015

can't afford the $60 fee? guess what the response is

This is the way it works in Lake Charles LA.
Back in August [a] Sex Offender ... completed his registration due to release from incarceration for an arrest of Failure to Register, by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office. [He] was found to be in compliance and completed the registration. [He] was unable to pay the required Louisiana Sex Offender fee of $60.00 and was given 30 days to pay his fee. After the allowed 30 days, [he] failed to pay his fee and he failed to contact the Lake Charles Police Department’s Sex Offender Registry. Failure to pay the required fee is a violation of the sex offender registration.
His bail is set at $2500. 

That's the the way "the farmer had a daughter" is the setup for an obscene joke.

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Margaret Moon said...

Yes, it is a similar setup, and it's also obscene!