Saturday, August 15, 2015

recovering from heartbreak

How do we survive heartbreak? Look around and you'll see survivors everywhere. Divorce, betrayal, illness, injury, incarceration, abandonment, broken families, death...the causes are endless. Most of us survive.

This little boy is surviving heartbreak. Both of his parents dead, he has every reason to be a mess. Instead, he took action, handing out smiles to people who need one. Watch the video. This little guy is a heartwarmer.

Does he solve problems by handing out little toys and making people smile? Probably not. He helps people momentarily by eliciting smiles but those smiles cannot solve the problems facing them.

However, handing out toys helps the little boy handle his own heartbreak. By looking out for others who are feeling down, he shifted his focus away from his own sadness.

Smart kid.

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