Thursday, February 13, 2014

surrounded by goodness

A fat, lacy, glittery Valentine to~

...the therapist who said, "It's good that you are surrounding your husband with love and support." and friends who send letters and cards to inmates. who understand why we might need a long lunch on tough days.

...friends who wave the lonely mom over to sit with them at school events.

...prison corrections officers whose eyes soften a little when they see children greet an incarcerated family member.

...those who slip an arm around our shoulders when our anxiety is noticeable.

...our kids' school friends who know the story and don't spread it around.

...those who ask what prison is like.

...bloggers and journalists who acknowledge the unfair sentences and the cruel sex offender registry.

...teachers who recognize that our family is dealing with something difficult.

...those who listen and listen again. friends' parents who treat our kids like all the others.

...those who can see that the sex offender registry encourages an unreasoning fear of all sex offenders.

...women who hold each other up in their similar struggles. who support women sex offenders; they must feel more lonely than we women do.

...friends who ask how to get permission for a prison visit.

...those who don't say anything but pray hard for us.

So many wonderful people out there supporting sex offenders and our families. May your examples teach others.


Shelomith Stow said...

And a special valentine for you, Marie.

From a fellow believer in the-pen-is-mightier-than-the-sword.

Julie said...

I have been reading your posts because I can relate, especially to friends who listen, and then listen again. Hugs to you on this Valentine day.

Margaret Moon said...

Marie, this is how it SHOULD be......

Marie said...

I know, Margaret. Not everyone has the same story. I always hope that by talking about the good people we have encountered, others in this situation will begin to notice the good people around them. It must be heartbreaking for those whose family and friends can't find their way to compassion.