Monday, November 4, 2013

man burned alive after being accused--and cleared!--of being a pedophile

A man wrongly accused of being a pedophile was beaten unconscious, set on fire, and killed by two neighborhood "vigilantes."  
Investigators say the brutal violence in the Bristol, England neighborhood appears to be the result of a vicious rumor mill and a misguided police investigation. 
According to the Daily Mail, 44-year-old Bijan Ebrahimi was arrested in July after being accused of taking "inappropriate" images of neighborhood children. 
But after an investigation, police determined that Ebrahimi was actually taking pictures of kids he suspected of vandalizing his prized garden. 
Despite being released by police with no charges, the Daily Mail reports that two neighborhood men decided to enact their own justice against the disabled Ebrahimi. 
Just two days after his release, Ebrahimi was viciously beaten by two 24-year-olds. The two suspects then dragged the unconscious Ebrahimi outside, where they set him on fire and killed him. (via
This is what comes of instilling a fear of sex offenders and pretending that all sex offenders are dangerous.

If you are one of those who thinks there is a need for a publicly available sex offender registry, you share responsibility for this man's death.

If you are one who thinks sex offenders are to be feared, you share responsibility for this man's death.

If you are one who doesn't question why we have a sex offender registry, you share responsibility for this man's death.

When we encourage an unreasoning fear--and that is what the registry does--vigilantism is a natural outcome. When we force hundreds of thousands of people to register, pretend they are dangerous, tell them where they can and cannot live, push them to the margins of society, it is a natural outcome that their lives will be in danger from vigilantes.

Shame on those who support the registry.


Sparky7 said...

No, I do NOT share responsibility for his death. That would be just like saying every time a little kid is raped and killed, your husband shares that resposibility.

And the laws in the US and UK are very different as well. Those two dirtbags are twisted as well. You have to be twisted to burn someone alive. Just as twisted to enjoy watching child pornography.

I'd even be for common sense like when some over zealous parent has their teen's sig other arrested because of a two year age difference.

You have some serious issues. You should be spending your time at least wondering why your husband likes to watch children being sexually abused. At most, getting therapy for yourself. The fact you have evolved to blaming people who support a registry because they don't want their kids exposed to people who look at young children as sexual objects and were stupid enough to flagrantly violate a known law!

The argument is just as stupid for blaming the existence of guns for the actual crime of murder. Your lucky you aren't in Florida. Based on their laws...when they book these twisted perverts after the examination of the means life.

Lady, go get help. You have some serious issues with projection. Don't you dare blame people who obey the law as an excuse for others horrible actions. If you are being monitored as a precaution for when your husband gets out...the law should be very concerned. You have no remorse on behalf of what your husband did. You don't like the repercussions of your husband's actions? Blame him, not the laws he broke.

Oh...he could have gotten help BEFORE he committed a CRIME without being charged for crap.. That is a fact. I looked into it for you and for anyone you may lead astray. I am so glad Lifelock warns me when crazy like you and your sick husband move by me.

Ethan Edwards said...

Hey Sparky,

Yeah, Marie got a bit passionate on this one about spreading the blame, but she's got a good point.

I get the sense your mind is all made up, but I'll try this on you: Suppose you have a son you love. The next thing you know, the police are banging down your door and hauling him away to prison for years. He was curious and downloaded a whole bunch of porn, figuring clicking on a link to get some pictures couldn't possibly do anybody any harm, and some of it was child porn. You want to just lock him away, no questions asked?

Or maybe he really is a pedophile. It's not your fault, it just happens. He doesn't want to abuse kids in real life, but he couldn't resist the attraction to pictures. How many years do you want him to serve?

But maybe you'd stand by him if he got in a fight and beat somebody up really badly, or was a drunk driver and killed a pedestrian? Worth a thought.

Sparky7 said...

Ethan...nope. Burning some alive! No! No, no and no.

How about this? Marie just finished blaming those of us who support a registry for savagery. Excuse me for my passionate response.

Regarding you hypothetical situation. If I had a son who bullied people, acted on it, drank and drove, anything...if I would stand by someone it would not mean I would ever disregard the victims or say, hey, it's the fault of the law you are labeled a criminal.

How about you try this one on for size. Do you think it is okay that Marie is pretty much judging everyone without considering how they think?

There are MANY who can say the registry is abused. Seriously, putting someone in the same boat with someone who seeks kiddies out with public urination! Because that happens. I am also not cool with allowing to be on a registry based on a LEO's opinion...that is the UK for you. Or even putting someone on the registry for liking to look at pictures with someone running a child sex ring. It diminishes the entire purpose.

But I also doubt Marie's husband was locked away with "no questions asked". Just like she doesn't like the fact that the laws group everyone on the same crazy train, she actually hurts her case. She refuses to acknowledge that there are real threats out there. Asking for discretion is one thing, but she is the one, herself, that hurts her case. It makes one pause and wonder how she can not differentiate this fact.

Sparky7 said...

Fuck! This is not black and white either. She wants to make her point count, then she needs to stop judging the public in black and white. Unless you are mentally disabled, it is well known looking for kiddie porn is illegal. If her husband was seeking out "barely legal" or was duped...I can even bend and say yep...look at that ridiculous underage bimbo on a stick that married that old actor from the Green Mile movie. Fuck, I would get how the sexualization of teens can deceive a man.

But she's not saying that now, is she? She is blaming everyone else. She is actually trying to make point...very badly I might add...that it is the fault of the registry that two fucked up individuals burned someone alive! Then blames the registries supporters. THAT is all kinds of wrong.

Here's some perspective for you Ethan. Here is something for you and hopefully Marie to consider regarding her extremism and an example of using discernment regarding judgement of laws.

I had a friend a friend who stupidly partied. He was quite wealthy. And he ended up losing it all. He was a victim...yes...I'll say victim of some teen and her scheming mother. Yes. He met a girl at a party. She was smoking hot...tattoos, piercing, fake boobs. They hooked up. He meets her out the next day. Then the next. He thought..,wow, she's actually kind of sweet. Over an expensive dinner, she confesses she's really 16. He freaked and took her home. Two days later...he was arrested. She wasn't 16, but 13. And he was the second guy that got to get dragged through court from her deception because he wouldn't "settle". He was conned. After 9 months in prison, after the 4th guy was arrested, the law got it! At most...her evil mother raised a con artist. My friend was a fucking moron for going for someone who he thought was only 18 years younger, not 24 years. Innocent and undeserving of being part of a betcha.

Sparky7 said...

Situation two. I met this girl getting my masters. She was leaving the forensic science career. She got the fucked up experience of breaking open a concrete barrel to find this sweet little 10 year old who had been abducted. The poor kid was sodomized both alive and dead. He died while some sick illegal immigrant was pounding him from behind. See, this was found out years later when this poor baby's traumatic last minutes were being passed around on the Internet. His parents were my customers and I was horrified at the details she gave me as to why she left her job. Years later, when the video was discovered, the details were discovered when the law found them on a computer of some man who raped and murdered a child. His mother never recovered. She had to view that shit to verify the screaming child was her son.

So Marie doesn't get a pass. They aren't just pictures. That shit should never be excused. And law, witnesses, and jury do not have pleasure from seeing this shit. EVER. his mother killed herself. She didn't masterbate over it.

If Marie's husband was in the former category, the most I can say is that I am sorry her husband sought pleasure from a young lithe woman. If her husband was a purveyor of the second example, fuck that.

I assure you and all you guys who support this type of "advocacy" that it's fucked up! I sure as hell do not believe some young teen deserves to be labelled because he turned 18 while his gf is still 16 or my friend who was deceived in the same group as someone who gets their rocks off from a child being violated like this. The only thing I can even say I agree with so far is some type of support BEFORE you break the law. And her myth that you can't get that is a lie. She does a huge disservice spreading that lie.

It just seems her motive is to excuse her husband's sick obsession and his willingness to act on it. The biggest "crime" in her book is he caught and dragged his family into this. Stand by him. Fine. But don't dare blame law abiding citizens for your husband's actions to break the law and seek out "pictures" of kid's getting violated. That is all kinds of wrong. If this is her hubbies attitude...she either fooling himself or she's lying he "gets" it.

Sparky7 said...

Obviously, putting your disregard and defending Marie's public disregard for victims who have the grossest violation imaginable getting filmed/photographed is no biggie. Since I chose to come here and I know via advocacy how hurtful this is to victims of this crap....big hugs to you guys. There are sick, EVIL, people out there and their supporters are equally messed up and I wish you were never victimized.

And Ethan...any other questions? Did I clear up my stance? One last caveat though...if someone beat another to death for raping their child and/or filmed only regret would be I knew a scumbag like that. Hope that clears this up for ya and Ms. Marie.

missjms said...

AMEN Sparky!!! Could not have said it better myself, thank you!

Marie said...

Sparky, I am interested in your claim that someone could go to a therapist and ask for help to stop looking at child porn without being turned in. If that is true, I would like to publicize that information. Please provide a link that will validate your claim. Since my husband was caught, I have had conversations with at least half a dozen therapists and all but one of them confirmed that therapists are mandated reporters. The other one said it might be possible; he was far from certain.

I am glad you see that some people don't belong on the registry and that some offenses are worse than others. Many people don't know even that much about the issue.

I do not hold anyone other than my husband responsible for what he did, nor do I think it is ever okay to look at child porn. Please quote me where I said anything different.

Marie said...

The reporting mandate is found here: 42 USC § 13031 - Child abuse reporting, (b) (1-8), and (c) (6).

Sparky7 said...

He could have gone to clergy. There are arguments that regarding child abuse itself should be reported. But thoughts of? Nope. Same as therists. Ideations are not a crime. Had your husband gone to a clergyman/pastor/priest BEFORE he indulge(even disgusting to use that), he would have been fine.

Had he gone to a therapist BEFORE he decided to break the law, he would have gotten treatment. You claim people who are "sick" can't get treatment and that is a lie.

As far as quoting you...I will not play semantics by searching through your nastiness...but you tried to make your husbands CRIME a big nothing burger by saying how harmless looking at pictures. You compared it to people who looked at be headings.

See Marie, your husband BROKE the law. Period. I know you don't like this saying, but you do the crime, you do the time. Hard lesson for him and your kids. But a fact. You do no one a favor by trying to "lighten" up his CRIME.

You need to spend less time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and get some help. Every time you try to diminish what your husband did and how unjust it is, search out the backstory of kids who have been filmed getting raped. You want to read about fear and how unfair life is? What's very scary is most people have been or know someone who has been sexually abused as a child. It's that common now. They say it has increased thanks to the consumers.

Sparky7 said...

I will say this. While your posts disgust me to the obviously need help. Remorse is no where. Imagine some dude jacking off to pictures of your little girl dressed up as a sex object or getting raped. Or your son. Then imagine that dude's wife is saying, eh, just pictures! I've read stories of parents whose children were in just "pictures". I knew a real nice lady who committed suicide.

THESE are the VICTIMS, Marie. To an extent, you are a victim. Through your vile diminishing of people who look at these "pictures" for enjoyment, I have to remind myself of this. Your husband had a sickness that he acted on. I have this fantasy of going after sickos who have been proven to have raped a child. Shoot...a lot of people do. But see...I don't act on it.

The fact that your husband has children and did this should alarm you. It's also sad that the few who know aren't helping you get help. You seem like you have Stockholm Syndrome or something.

But then, you actually posted this post. I think you owe people in general an apology. Those two guys are sick bastards. But their blood is not on anyone's hands. That is just as insane as blaming the mother of the children who got violated for giving birth.

Some people are just sick. And evil. And have no issue breaking the law. Like these two me did when they committed murder. Like your husband did when he downloaded child porn.

Ethan Edwards said...

Hey Sparky,

I hadn't looked at your responses until now. I'm afraid I find your answers all over the map in a jumble of emotion, and there's not any productive way I can try to untangle it all.

Sparky7 said...

Hey Ethan,

No sweat. Sounds like that's your problem. It tends to be an emotional topic when you know others that have or had been affected. Shoot, it's emotional for many people period. And that may be part of the problem for those who don't see anything wrong with downloading child abuse in pictures and/or emotion or misplaced emotion. Because let's be real, and a little more productive who fail to see this for what it is or for those that diminish this topic, kids getting raped isn't porn, it's abuse.

Meanwhile, I will continue to pray for the real victims of this...the children who are abused. Sorry my emotions get in the way of you being able to untangle this "productively." Your problem, not mine.

I will also pray Marie gets help. Real help. Not the enabling help she gets here and there. Besides the very few who endorse her misguided views, many view her as disturbed. You don't seem to mind that. Makes sense...emotional issues. I do. I think she is a victim of her husband's actions and I have no issue pointing that out.

So your attempts to dismiss what I say is no sweat off my back.

Untangle that.

Melissa said...

I've lurked on this site before and what I read is infuriating. I haven't bothered to respond because I think it will fall on deaf ears but I couldn't remain silent on this one.

First of all, you are taking an incident that happened in England and comparing it to the American Sex Offender Registry. Apples and oranges. The man in this story was twice a victim - once when being falsely accused and again when being savagely murdered. He was killed by two depraved individuals but this story has nothing to do with our sex offender registries.

Now let me just say that you are living in a fantasy land. Do you think this is the first time your husband ever looked at child porn? Think he's never acted on these urges? I'm not saying he has or hasn't. It just seems to me you've never considered such a thing. And doesn't it scare the hell out of you to know that he's sexually aroused by children? Don't you think that people act on these sick urges all the time? Aren't you worried that he will or that he already has? I'm sure you don't. But you know what? I don't trust your judgment of him. You didn't think he was the type to look at child porn anyway.

One final thought: please STOP referring to your husband being in trouble for "just looking at pictures." They weren't innocent pictures of someone's family vacation. They were horrifying trophies of perverts, the evidence of one of the most (if not THE most) deplorable crimes a person can commit.

Unknown said...

I have a couple of scenario I would like to run by the people who think it is possible for someone who looks at childporn to get therapy.

Story 1
Bob is a drug addict. He has drugs in his home and has dealt drugs in order to support his addiction. He decides to get help and checks into a detox. He then goes into treatment and attends NA. He gets his life back on track, goes to college, gets a job helping those struggling with drug addiction. He marries he girlfriend has kids and lives happily ever after. Every congratulates him on the changes he made in his life.
Story 2
John has a loving family. He downloads a bunch of porn from a peer-to-peer computer program. He unknowingly downloads child porn. At first he is discussed but then curious. Same thing like when people drive by car accidents and can't help but look. He views these images several times. As he is doing this he is totally sicken by his own behavior. He finds a therapist who specializes in male sexual health and inappropriate attractions. He goes and sees him and tells him about the images on his computer. The therapist is now legally obligated to report this to the police. A swat team shows up, traumatizing the kids and his wife. He is arrested and charged. His whole family is suffering from the stigma. He is convicted and serves his sentence. While in prison he participated in treatment and eventually comes home, and his now a sex offender for the rest of his life. Even though he has completed treatment and been asset as a low risk to harm children (there is no such then as zero risk) his children are removed from the home and placed in foster care. His wife get the children back after several months of fighting on the condition that she kick her husband out of the home. He is unable to find housing or a job. Everyone he loved has abandoned him so he commits suicide.
Story 3
Fred downloads a bunch of porn from a peer-to-peer computer program. He unknowingly downloads child porn. At first he is discussed but then curious. Same thing as John, but he knows what happened to John so he does not seek treatment. He continues to download illegal images. Eventually he meets other men who look at childporn. Years later he is at a friends house babysitting their 10 year old daughter and Fred hasn't learned to control his urges. He sexually abuses her. This becomes a regular thing that she much endure every time he babysits. As the years go by he sexual abuses more children.

Now i hear the argument you can go to a member of the clergy But they are not trained to help in this area. Hell have you looked at the catholic church after the past decade??? Its full of pedophiles, so going to clergy is probably not the best idea.