Thursday, July 25, 2013

murderers use sex offender registry to find their victims

In South Carolina:
A South Carolina white supremacist and his wife, self-styled vigilantes, say they murdered a couple because the man was a registered sex offender.  
"You think I'm here to rob you. I'm not here to rob you. I'm here to kill you because you are a child molester," Jeremy Moody, 30, said he told his victim before pulling the trigger. 
Moody and his wife, Christine, 36, say they planned to kill another before getting arrested Wednesday. 

This is not the first time someone has used the registry to target former sex offenders.

The sex offender registry is supposed to protect people. Instead, two people are dead.


Shelomith Stow said...

This was sent to all media outlets in South Carolina yesterday and to others across the nation:

BrightEyes22 said...

I have a question, what exactly is your husband in prison for? I honestly want to see if the punishment fits the crime since it's clear to me that you see nothing wrong with his participation. There are varying levels of sex offenders..urinating in public, teenage relationships etc to what I consider the "real" offences. Did he unknowingly view a video of two 17 yr olds sexual activity, or photos of a 5yr old being abused? Meaning did he actively search out what he(and you) know is child pornography?

Margaret Moon said...

Yes, two people are dead. One of them was guilty of NOTHING, and what would have been the fate of children in that household? The articles I read stressed that the accused couple wanted to kill Moody because they thought he had molested a child, and then stated that Moody's offense had been against an adult. The tone indicated that it would have been ok to murder him if his crime had involved a minor. Many commenters condone and/or suggest murder for all registrants. It is unbelievable that anyone would suggest that kind of vengeance! Who are the real criminals??

One Fine August Day said...

Another account of stupidity.....if people actually read what they were on the list for instead of just assuming they were a child molester we wouldn't have so much hate. I swear. It makes me so mad.