Thursday, November 8, 2012 publish or not?

If you believe what was reported here, this is a family with some serious problems.

An Omaha Public Schools teacher has been charged with witness tampering and child abuse after being accused of covering up her daughter’s allegations that her older brother had molested her.
The mom's a teacher, the dad's a cop.
Authorities say both [parents] knew of the possible incest. The daughter, now 16, reported that it dated back to when she was 3 and her brother, now 21, was 8.
I wish the family well. Who knows what kind of torment they suffered? Who knows how they tried to deal with the situation without calling the authorities? It is interesting that a police officer declined to call the authorities. Perhaps he knows something.

This is the piece of the article that caught my eye:
The teacher is not being named because it would violate The World-Herald’s policy against revealing the names of victims of sex crimes.
Good decision in this case--the girl is only 16. Other cases, maybe not. In a case involving adults where a false accusation is leveled, the fake victim's name should be published. In this case, the public has no need to know names. 

I have to wonder, though, why the names of men accused of possession of child pornography are published. The families of those men suffer from the publicity. The same rationale, the innocent must be protected, should apply in those cases, too.