Saturday, August 11, 2012

sex offender registry makes murders more possible

In an interview with detectives, Drum said he shot and killed Blanton and Ray because they were sex offenders, according to probable cause papers filed in Clallam County Superior Court. 
"Drum also stated that he had intended on driving to Jefferson County (Washington state) where another sex offender lived, with the intent to kill him too," the papers said. 
Clallam County prosecutor Deborah Kelly said at a court hearing on Monday, where Drum was ordered held without bail, that he had told investigators he planned to keep killing sex offenders until he was stopped.
Both Blanton and Ray were required to register as sex offenders after serving their respective sentences. They followed the law and registered, making it possible for Drum to find them easily.
Drum has a criminal record with convictions for residential burglary and drug offenses. 
Please note that Drum was not required to register as a burglar. If he had been required to register as a burglar, would he have been prevented from committing murder? Nope. If he had been required to register as a burglar, would his two victims have known to avoid him? Nope. 

Why do people think the world works differently for sex offenders? The sex offender registry makes targets of sex offenders. Is that really okay with you?


Liza said...

I have a lot of sympathy for what you and your family is going through. I read all your entries and followed a lot of the links. I'm not sure prison is the appropriate place for people addicted to porn/child porn. I just don't know.

My stepfather took pictures of me from age 6 until 15 when a guidance counselor believed me when I told. Nothing happened to him legally. Supposedly, all the pictures were destroyed. I went to live with my Grandma. The internet wasn't invented then.

Through an online sting for child porn, a ton of pictures of me were found.

Even though none of the people who downloaded/viewed pictures of me, have ever touched me, I'm still violated by it. My life hasn't been what it would be if that hadn't happened to me.

Marie said...

Liza, thank you for reading and commenting. Extending sympathy to us is more than generous. Others with your experience may not be able to do that. I haven't had your experience and can only imagine the pain caused by your stepfather and by learning that pictures of you are still making the rounds. You have my sympathy and my hope that you will find peace.