Saturday, July 21, 2012

violence against police is down

Radley Balko notices that, though violence against police is down, police still prefer to act as if it isn't. I’ve pointed out before, assaults against police officers have also been dropping for years.
“Even when the numbers are lower than normal, I still think it sends a chilling message,” he said.
Historic lows of violence against police officers “sends a chilling message?” No matter whatthe numbers say, law enforcement groups are going to claim they clearly indicate a need for more funding for police departments, and more power and less scrutiny for cops. Here, Mr. Floyd insists that despite the fact that the job is as safe as it has ever been, cops should still retain that “us vs. them” mindset.
“The bottom line is there is no such thing as a routine assignment.  Every assignment you go on is potentially life threatening, do not ever let your guard down.”
Police are so sure that the dangers they face are more important than the dangers faced by citizens they have sworn to protect. Bullshit.

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