Saturday, June 23, 2012

the unknown

What should I expect when people learn about my husband? Because I've had a year to come to terms with it, I sometimes think that family and friends will also come to terms with it. Then I read about someone whose husband was caught with child porn and SHE lost her job.

Sometimes I feel incredibly strong. After all, our marriage is better than ever--who wouldn't feel strong with a better marriage? Then I read about someone who lost her job, or someone who had to move her children to a different school and I am frightened all over again.

When I talked about this with my counselor, she asked me how I would react if I learned that someone was going to prison for child pornography. My answer was that there is no way I can look at the topic for the first time again. After seeing how the legal system is stacked against child porn users, I could never be anything but sympathetic. Sympathetic with the offender, sympathetic with the wife and children. 

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