Sunday, May 27, 2012

"do the next right thing"

During the past year, friends have blessed me with wise advice. On a day when worry and fear were getting the best of my husband and me, a friend told me to "do the next right thing." In a late afternoon conversation, she gently suggested that perhaps the next right thing to do was to fix supper for the family. Her mundane suggestion made me smile but the advice did get me through the evening. I fixed supper and the ordinariness of it seemed to calm things down. Sitting around the supper table, my husband and I were able to bring our focus back to daily cares...the kids' school days, the books we were reading, how to tackle the next day's schedule.

Do the next right thing is a way to do what must be done, to move forward. Worry and fear don't have to rule your life.

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